"Ensuring Values"

Dries Poland Insurance “Ensures Values” by providing a best-interest recommendation to current and prospective insurance clients. We believe this process provides value to the insured and our company. Dries Poland Insurance receives value in the opportunity given by the insured to provide insurance reviews and rates. The insured receives value in the best-interest recommendation from our company.

The “Ensure Values” process:

  • Listen to your needs and answer your questions
    • Whether you are a current client, or someone looking for advice or rates, we will help address your needs and questions regarding your insurance and risk-management questions.
  • We look at your short-term and long-term objectives and put your insurance and planning needs in perspective
    • Most of the time, this means balancing the goals of obtaining the proper and necessary coverages and obtaining competitive insurance premiums.
  • We place your insurance needs against a competitive group of insurance carriers for cost-effective pricing
    • We obtain insurance quotes from many financially sound and reputable insurance companies. We have the competitive markets for your industry / needs.
  • We make recommendations that are in your best interest – even if that means the best decision is to stay with your current insurance program, or, move to a competitor’s insurance program.
    • In many cases, we can act as a Consultant or Broker to assist you in shopping other markets.
    • If your current carrier is providing attractive rates, we will recommend you stay with that carrier for at least 2 years. Approximately every 3 years, our agency will re-quote your policies to ensure you are receiving the best value.
    • Best-Interest Recommendation does not mean the “cheapest” insurance premiums. Rather, it means providing highly competitive insurance premiums with appropriate coverages with quality insurance carriers.
    • For commercial insurance clients, we negotiate with carriers to keep insurance premiums competitive.
  • We offer value in claims management. We support you by communicating with insurance carriers to help you obtain a fair settlement when claims arise.